SAGU is a group of students from Southwestern Assemblies of God University who comes to the shelter every Friday night and spend time with the women and children of Mosaic House. They have completed a number of project including organizing arts and crafts, playing games with the children, and even volunteered to transport clients when the shelter director has requested transportation. SAGU also made an incredibly impactful donation during the holiday season which provided for all of the Christmas donations at the Mosaic House. Thank you so much SAGU for all you do for the women and children of Mosaic House. Read on to learn more about SAGU. 

What is the name of your group or organization?
SAGU: Freedom’s Voice- SAGU

How does your group or organization like to help those in need?

SAGU: We love to serve! However and whenever we can! We like to use the talents we have to bless others.

What makes your organization or group unique from other non-profits or similar organizations?

SAGU: Our group is different because we all have a passion to be in this field and we are young! We are all volunteering within our ministry team as well as being full time students, so we have chosen to be here on top of all the school work we are doing! Also, we come every week, so we really get to know these families and see them grow.

Why did your group or organization want to partner with Mosaic?
SAGU: We partner with Mosaic because it is our dream to see abuse and trafficking end. We partner with Mosaic because we want to see hope restored in the lives of those who feel all hope is gone!

What do you hope your work will bring Mosaic clients?
SAGU: Every week we come, do a craft, and just build relationships with these families; we hope to bring restoration. We hope to bring positivity and love back into their lives. We hope to show them that they can recover, that there are people that love them, and that they are worthy of this love!

How do you think your organization and Mosaic work towards the same goal? 

SAGU: I think we work towards the same goal by empowering these families. We stand with Mosaic in offering good relationships, fun, safety, and genuine care!

To learn more about SAGU please go to their website at: