About the Society

The Champions of Human Rights Society provides members the opportunity to serve survivors of human rights abuses, including domestic violence and human trafficking, and refugees. 

As a member of the Champions of Human Rights Society, you will join a team of leaders who bring high-impact support and wraparound services to survivors in our community. 

You will take pride in knowing that your membership in this special society ensures Mosaic’s ongoing ability to provide culturally competent and trauma-informed care to survivors of human rights abuses. 

Your support is vital to our success as we move into the next stage of Mosaic’s history.

Become a Champion

To be recognized in the Champions of Human Rights Society, we ask you to invest a minimum of $1,500 in the futures of our clients and their success in North Texas. You are welcome to pledge your commitment now and make your gift within one year. This option includes recurring donors giving $125 or greater monthly.

Giving Levels



As a Welcoming Member, you demonstrate your commitment to welcoming refugees, immigrants, and other survivors of human rights abuses. 

At this level, you are providing the equivalent of: services for a family of two at Mosaic House, our emergency shelter. This includes housing, food, travel, and childcare.



As an Impactful Member, you give clients a fresh lease on life, empowering survivors to make a new start. 

At this level, you are providing the equivalent of: case management and health care advocacy for a refugee family.



As a Supportive Member, you make a significant contribution to the future of Mosaic, as well as the community and economy of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. 

At this level, you are providing the equivalent of: job training, English as a Second Language classes, and setting up a new apartment for a survivor.



As a Trusted Member, you demonstrate a sustained commitment to dignity, freedom, and justice for survivors. 

At this level, you are providing the equivalent of: a survivor’s legal services, including representation, fees, and filing paperwork.


$10,000 and Above

As a Champion Member, you demonstrate visionary leadership and commitment to building the capacity of Mosaic through ethical and effective fundraising. You power the very future of clients, and of Mosaic.

At this level, your impact will reverberate throughout Mosaic. For example, $10,000 can provide Transitional Housing to a survivor for a full 18 months.

Champions members are critical to bringing hope and healing to survivors. 

Champions Members



Sledge Killion


H&G Systems

S&P Global

Julie and Bruce Hartin

Nataly and Matt Leung


Robyn Etzel

John Hsu

Kate and Mike McLean

Bennett Rawicki

Melissa Casey-Woodcock


Ana Pinto Alexander
Amy Austin
Elise Balliro
Cassandra Bartlett
Eric and Laura Berlin
Nora Byrne
Danielle Cocanougher
Kirk and Mary DeCardenas

Kyle Donovan
Tamela Richards and Michael Douglass
Neal and Cindy Flagg
Katherine Greco
Victoria Hobbs and Yossi Cohen
Mike Jordan
Mary and Thomas Kienzlen
Keith and Loretta Kiser

Cheryl Knott
John Lai
Stan Marek
Shannon and Bobby Mukundan
Allen Oomen
Steven and Carrie Parsons
Lloyd and Andrea Ruffle
Ashley and Bertram Smith

Paul Wingo
Barnes and Thornburg
CEC Facilities Group, LLC
Greater Metroplex Interiors
JP Morgan Chase Foundation