For Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Mosaic has teamed up with a talented team of artists who have donated their time and talents to helping us spread awareness about labor trafficking. These artists have created two graphic novels which demonstrate common scenarios in which people become victims of labor trafficking, which are based on actual experiences of Mosaic clients.

Click below to check out the graphic novels!

What is Labor Trafficking?

Labor trafficking is a form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex acts or labor services against their will. In labor trafficking, traffickers make victims work against their will, often for little or no pay. Victims of labor trafficking are often exploited in a wide range of industries, including domestic work, construction, agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing. Traffickers may use debt bondage, document manipulation, physical violence, and threats of deportation to control victims and keep them in exploitative situations.

What are the Signs of Trafficking?

Human trafficking can happen in any industry, and to persons of any gender, age, and nationality. While each individual experience is different, some common red flags to lookout for include:

  • Person shows signs of abuse, malnourishment, exhaustion, or fearfulness.
  • Person is not being paid, being paid very little, or is working excessive hours or in dangerous working conditions.
  • Person is not allowed to leave home or premises or is closely supervised and restricted in movement.
  • Person does not have access to personal documents such as ID, passport, visa, or social security card.
  • Person is under 18 and is working in the commercial sex industry.

How to report labor trafficking?

If someone you know is not getting paid for their work, is not in control of their money, is unable to change jobs, or is under the control of an employer, they may be a victim of human trafficking. To report suspected trafficking or for immediate assistance, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-800-373-7888. You can also report human trafficking at the National Human Trafficking Hotline website at

If you’re a victim of human trafficking or domestic violence in North Texas and need help, call Mosaic’s 24/7 crisis hotline 214-823-4434.