For Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Mosaic has teamed up with a talented team of artists who have donated their time and talents to helping us spread awareness about labor trafficking. These artists have created two graphic novels which demonstrate common scenarios in which people become victims of labor trafficking, which are based on actual experiences of Mosaic clients.

Thank you to artist Kaori Tsuchimoto for creating this graphic novel. To view more of Kaori’s work, visit her portfolio:

Key Points in the Case:

  1. The restaurant owner violated U.S. labor laws by not paying the women the federal minimum wage, forcing them to work 12+ hour shifts, and not providing a safe working environment for the workers.

2. Traffickers use different methods to exert control over their victims and often take their victims’ passports and legal documents. This further traps victims in the situation and prevents them from leaving.

3. With the help of Mosaic’s attorneys, the sisters were able to obtain a T Visa. A T visa is a temporary visa that allows trafficking victims to remain in the United States and obtain work authorization if they comply with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of their trafficker.