“My life started when I moved into Mosaic House. I finally know what it means to feel safe, to sleep without nightmares, and the real meaning of freedom.”
– domestic violence survivor from Sudan

Family Violence affects all communities, but women and children within immigrant and refugee communities are extremely vulnerable to abuse.  Many originate from countries with no law against family violence or child abuse, or from countries which do not enforce the laws that do exist.  Due to cultural barriers and isolation, family violence in immigrant and refugee communities is often under reported and survivors are usually unaware of resources or how to access them.

Mosaic Family Services recognizes the need for cross-cultural understanding of issues relating to domestic violence and abuse.  Immigrant and refugee survivors often face tremendous obstacles that make it difficult to leave their abusive situation and access help from law enforcement and/or social service providers such as:

  • Limited English language skills,
  • Limited knowledge of laws and victim rights,
  • Limited knowledge of American culture and systems,
  • Limited knowledge of criminal justice, family law, and immigration systems,
  • Limited knowledge of community resources ,
  • Limited support system of family, friends, and community.
  • Fear of law enforcement and authority
  • Fear of violating cultural traditions and isolation from immigrant or refugee community.

We serve all survivors of family violence, intimate partner violence, child and elderly abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, and other qualifying crimes.

For more information, please contact Sulan Chang at SulanC@mosaicservices.org or call 214.821.5393 x258.