The Refugee Client Advocacy Program assists newly arrived refugees to receive medical and mental health care by eliminating barriers to health services and facilitating social adjustment.

Mosaic’s Client Advocacy Services for Refugees
Mosaic provides culturally sensitive comprehensive client advocacy for newly arrived refugees who need assistance in accessing medical and mental health care. All of Mosaic’s refugee client advocates are former refugees themselves, fluent in English and a refugee language, and certified as medical interpreters. Services include :

  • Individual psycho-social assessment
  • Public transportation orientation
  • Advocacy through hospitals, health clinics and public assistance agencies
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Information and referrals
  • Crisis intervention
  • Education on Health related topics including stress management and healthy families

To be eligible for this program, individuals must be identified as refugees, having possession of an I-94 or I-551 green card, a valid social security card, and have been in the United States for less than 5 years. Referrals can be made by: Resettlement agencies, other refugee social service agencies, hospitals, schools, the Texas Department of Human Services, and other organizations.

For more information on the Refugee Client Advocacy Program, please contact Mirjana Omeragic at

Refugee Client Advocacy Program brochures are available in: English, Bosnian, French, Swahili, Amharic, and Tigrinya.

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