Mosaic Youth Programs

The goal of this program is to prevent substance abuse by building positive attitudes, values, behaviors, and life skills. Our target population is youth in grades 1-12 and their families who may have experienced more than three (3) shared risk factors for substance use and violence. These may include:

  • Individual
    • Aggressive or behavioral problems
    • Low academic achievement
    • Poor emotional regulation or disorder
    • Low self-concept/self-esteem
  • Family
    • Exposure to family violence or conflict
    • Substance use by parents or siblings
    • Parents or siblings engaged in illegal activities or violence
    • Incarceration of parents or siblings
    • Homelessness, highly transitory, or living in extreme poverty or subsidized housing
    • Lack of parental or adult monitoring
  • School
    • Underperforming school
    • Lack of bonding to school
  • Community
    • Living in crime, gang, or drug-ridden neighborhoods
    • Perceived relaxed substance use norms in the community

Program Services At-A-Glance

  • Evidence-based, curriculum-based developmentally appropriate life skills classes
  • Positive alternative activities for youth and adults
  • Presentations for youth or adults on substance abuse and violence issues in the community
  • Community networking and collaboration to promote substance abuse prevention and mental health
  • Referrals for substance abuse prevention, treatment, or other social services

Youth in grades 1-12 are referred to the classes at schools or community sites by family members, teachers, counselors, after-school program directors, or other social service agencies. Trained Prevention Specialists facilitate either the 10-week Kids’ Connection (grades 1-5), 9-week Positive Action (grades 6-8), or the 12-week Positive Action (grades 9-12) curriculum on the following topics:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Value Awareness
  • Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Healthy Decision Making
  • Family and Friends
  • Refusal Skills
  • Problem Solving

Alternative activities are opportunities to encourage and foster positive peer, family, and community bonding experiences through educational, cultural, recreational, work-oriented and volunteer service-oriented activities. MYS can provide activities and disseminate substance abuse information at community health fairs, cultural events, and workplace events.

Presentations are research-based and age-appropriate for either adults or youth. They consist of hands-on activities with comprehensive audience interaction. Presentations may include the following topics:

    • Current Drug Trends (adults only)
    • Hidden in Plain Sight (adults only)
    • Psychology of Addiction (adults only)
    • Those Who Host Lose the Most (adults only)
    • Tobacco and YOUth (adults or youth)
    • Be A Hero, Be Drug-Free (youth)
    • Custom specific substance abuse or violence topics (any)

For more information or to schedule services contact Kristin Bridgman, our Mosaic Youth Services Program Manager at or call 214.821.5393 x 230.