Image for ArticleLawyers Against Domestic Violence committee (LADV) volunteered to help Mosaic provide a more welcoming, comforting, and positive environment for clients to feel at ease in an unfamiliar place after having been through so much. With this in mind, LADV members spent a recent Saturday volunteering at Mosaic. Members painted Mosaic’s basketball court to a greenish blue instead of the drab grey concrete. Also, they restored Mosaic’s landscaping by removing gravel paths in the yard and replanting grass seed. All of this would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors- Dane Kustes of DPR Construction, John Christensen of Five Star Painting, Jesus Rivera of Behr Paint, and Home Depot. LADV is very grateful for their support! This was just the first phase of LADV’s action plan for enhancing Mosaic’s facilities.

Remaining phases include getting a playground build on the grounds for the children of Mosaic to use, while also building an animal shelter onsite so that survivors can keep their pets with them when they come to Mosaic. The remaining projects will require significant fundraising. You can contribute by participating our upcoming fundraising events or by contributing directly to our fundraising link.

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