photo- Fernanda Mucchiut-2Fernanda Mucchiut is a regular at Mosaic House and a valued volunteer! Fernanda makes a major impact at the Mosaic House by helping organize donations from North Texas Food Bank, including removing expired food items from the shelves. Fernanda also lends a hand in the office filling in wherever the staff needs her. Thank you Fernanda for everything you do for survivors of human rights abuses! Read on to see why Fernanda makes an amazing VOTM!

Besides volunteering at Mosaic, how do you spend your free time?

FM: I am from Argentina and I moved to the States because I’m a member of the Focolare Movement, which is an international movement whose goal is unity and universal brotherhood. The movement was born in the Catholic Church, but people of different religious believes are part of it, since we all aim to this same goal. Most of my time I dedicate it to the different activities, events, gatherings of the Focolare, but I also love to go running, biking and any other outdoors activity possible!

Why do you like to volunteer? 

FM: I’m a Social Worker, graduated in Argentina, but since I haven’t been in the US for too long, I’m still working on the paperwork to get my license here. I have always had a passion for working for those in need- especially with people whose rights are not recognized or of which they are not fully aware. So, while I get my license to work as a Social Worker I want to some of my time for this cause.

Why did you want to partner with Mosaic Family Services? How did you get involved with Mosaic?
FM: I was looking for a place in which people in situations of vulnerability would be welcomed and treated with the dignity that is essential to the human person. After a long research, Mosaic seemed to be the place I felt more comfortable with, but I was not able to find a possibility for me, due to my schedule. After some months, I happened to come across Mosaic because of odd circumstances and I decided that it was my chance to volunteer. I think that what got me more involved was the balance I found between the professional approach to the many issues dealt with at the Shelter and the sense of family.

What do you hope your work with our organization will bring Mosaic clients?

I hope that the presence of another person at the office can keep things flowing, so that we don’t have to arrive to the point of being too busy to answer the clients’ questions, or listen to their concerns, etc… I’m always hoping that the families who spend some time at the Shelter experience the true love and care with which I try to relate to them.

Final question, what is the best advice you have ever been given? 

“Love and do what you will…” St. Augustine