Mosaic is excited to announce that we’ve recently expanded our legal services offered. A Board of Immigration accredited representative will now assist qualifying refugees in applying for adjustment of status (green card), naturalization (citizenship), fee and disability waivers, and referrals to other needed services for citizenship, including ESL or civics instruction. All services are provided free of charge to refugee clients.

Licensed attorneys will provide these services through hands-on, direct legal assistance, education and advocacy. Attorneys collaborate with Case Managers to provide or broker supportive services when needed, such as transportation, childcare, interpretation/translation, and information/referral. The goal of these services is to increase refugees’ self-sufficiency and their ability to live independently, thereby improving their overall quality of life. Our committed multicultural and multilingual staff will ensure that our services are provided in 25+ languages. Through a $3,000 grant from the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, our legal program is also able to offer expanded interpretation services.


By adding these crucial services, Mosaic is able to serve refugees in North Texas even more effectively. For more information on our legal program, please email our Legal Program Director at