With Pride and Refugee Awareness month here, it is important to look at how the problems of refugees and the LGBTQ+ community are not always mutually exclusive. In fact, many refugees flee their home country based on the prejudice they experience for their sexual orientation and gender identity. Because of your generosity, Mosaic provides vital services to the refugee community of Dallas.

The story of Moni is one of someone who lost everything in her home country and gained it all back in America. Moni is a transgender woman and was resettled in the United States after fleeing her home in Syria. Like many refugees before her, Moni was lost trying to navigate this new landscape. She had been ostracized by her friends and family back home because of her gender identity and felt alone and defeated in her new community. While this is overwhelming for most, it was almost unbearable for Moni as she lost the support of the ones she loved most due to her gender identity and sexual orientation. Due to severe financial restraints, Moni could not receive the physical and mental health services she needed.

That’s where Mosaic stepped in. When Moni first arrived at Mosaic, her case manager knew the highest priority was her medical and mental health care due to her inability to work. Her case worker enrolled Moni in Parkland Financial Assistance and helped her find the specialists she needed. Due to Moni’s disability, she was unable to work and the next step was to get her on Social Security disability income. After two denials and several appeals in March 2021, through the testimony of her case manager, Moni was approved for Social Security disability income. Through this newfound freedom, Moni applied for low-income housing and got approved for a one-bedroom apartment.

Now, Moni is a thriving member of the Dallas community. Both her chronic illness and mental health are under control. She loves her new apartment and is hoping to start taking some classes in the local community to help further her goals. Through the hard work of her case manager and Moni’s strength and perseverance for a better life, Moni finally found peace in this world.

However, the story does not end here. There are hundreds of people like Moni throughout North Texas needing these services.

You can help make stories like Moni’s possible and provide much-needed services to the refugee community of Dallas by participating in Mosaic’s Refugee Awareness Raffle.

For just $25 a ticket or 5 for $100, you have a chance to win one of five beautifully hand-crafted gift baskets from our friends at Central Market. All the money raised helps Moni and the other refugees in North Texas. Click here below to purchase your tickets!