Today, we’re launching a refreshed brand. We’ve spent the past six months looking at every aspect of Mosaic and what we do for survivors of human rights abuses, and we wanted our image to better reflect who we are and what we stand for. We are so excited to share it with you.


Mosaic has evolved from one refugee with a dream to a team of 50 people working tirelessly to transform the lives of survivors of human rights abuses. Read on to discover how we arrived at our new look and why it so accurately reflects who we are.

Why Rebrand?

Mosaic is now known not just in North Texas but throughout the country as a leader in the fight against human trafficking and domestic violence. We thought it was time that our brand reflected everything we stand for: empowerment, resilience, and most importantly, the incredible diversity of our clients and staff. Our refreshed brand communicates what sets Mosaic apart: the vibrancy of our team and the people we serve.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Clients. Each year, we touch the lives of more than 15,000 people who have come to us from all over the world. Acting with great courage and resilience, they overcome extraordinary barriers of violence and persecution in hopes of giving themselves and their children better lives.

Our Staff. We like to think of ourselves as a mini-United Nations. Our staff speaks over 25 languages and originates from over 20 countries. We represent every major faith and serve as a cultural bridge for our clients.

Our Services. We are the only organization in North Texas that provides the diversity of services our clients need to rebuild their lives – all under one roof. Without Mosaic, many of our clients would have nowhere else to go.

Our New Look

The symbol of a mosaic represents who we are as an organization and we sought to highlight that in our new logo. We are different people with different beliefs, hopes, and dreams, but we come together as something more beautiful than we could ever be apart.


Thank you for continuing to support Mosaic. We are so thrilled to have you along for the ride as Mosaic continues to evolve and impact the lives of countless survivors of human rights abuses.