Super LOVE Heroes is dedicated to helping others and spreading the message of love and support to all that care. They host events where food and clothing is distributed personally to the hands in need. They visit shelters, soup kitchens and soon orphanages and nursing homes to spread love and light to all. The organization provides monthly birthday parties to our clients at Mosaic House.


How does your group or organization like to help those in need?
SLH: Our mission and goal is to spread unconditional love where ever it is needed.  Any ideas that are brought to our attention are collaborated on and put into action so we do lots of things and are open to anything people’s imaginations can inspire and create.  For starters, we host the monthly birthday parties at the Mosaic House and shower your guests with love and playtime.  We also host and sponsor events for our homeless community where fresh food, toiletries and warm clothing/blanket donations are distributed directly to them with a hug and a warm heart.  We have helped rehab/build and landscape a home in Fairfield as well as a Native American Church in Red Oak for some individuals who really needed the love.  We have helped put together donations and garage sales to help raise money for individuals in need.  We have even made inspirational signs with messages of love that several of us shared with the Dallas community at the St. Patty’s day parade as well as at a Christmas pub crawl called Santa Rampage.  We are open and willing to do almost anything as long as it is focused and centered around spreading love to those who you feel need it.

What makes your organization unique from other nonprofits or similar organizations?
SLH: I think what separates us from the rest is our message and dedication to showing the world that Unconditional Love is a super power that can heal and change lives.  We try to put our focus on this fact and remind people of the super power that love is by asking them to bring their own excess to distribute and share personally with those in need.  We focus more on that heart to heart moment and exchange and not so much on the money or liability aspects of our service work.  Most organizations would rather take a check to do what they do best for those that they help but we would actually appreciate the exact opposite.  We would rather you offer your time and any access you have to share from your homes or tables to spread to those who really need it.  We believe that kind of charity and service is far more valuable and rewarding to everyone involved than anything money could ever buy or provide.

Why did your group or organization want to partner with Mosaic?
SLH: Well the Mosaic was one of our founders Laura Zamora’s idea.  She had a friend who she helped direct to the Mosaic many years ago who found herself in a bad situation.  Her friend spoke very highly about the Mosaic and the help they provided her and mentioned how they could really use help too so it seemed like the perfect place to reach out to over 3 years ago when we started our organization to see if you all could use some love and it’s been a lovely match ever since.  We really enjoy our play time with you all each month.

What do you hope this project or donation will bring Mosaic clients?  
SLH: We really try to spend one on one time with each of our guests that come to celebrate the lives we are honoring and shower each individual with personal time and remind them of the super power that love is. We hope it brings them some encouragement and the awareness that people do love them and that they are not alone.

For more information about our wonderful partner agency, Super LOVE Heroes, please visit: or

For questions about SLH, please contact Laura Zamora at 214-606-3382 or

Thank you Super LOVE Heroes for your support and unconditional love for survivors of human rights abuses! We are so appreciative of our partnership.