IMG_2006Mosaic Family Services would like to congratulate and thank our second March Volunteer of the Month, Deborah Hecht, President of Altrusa International of Dallas, Texas Inc! Through her devotion to service and incredible leadership, Deborah has provided not only Mosaic clients with tremendous support, but acts as an inspiration for all who dedicate their time to bettering their community.  We were lucky enough to sit down with Deborah to discuss what makes her such an exceptional volunteer and a perfect candidate for our March Volunteer of the Month!

Besides volunteering at Mosaic, how do you spend your free time?

DH: I became an Altrusan in 2010 and find my work with Altrusa tremendously rewarding. I am very proud of our  accomplishments. After growing up in Northern New Jersey I graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Outside Altrusa and our work with Mosaic, I have worked as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial since 1991. My husband, Eric Welty, and I enjoy international travel, cycling, quiet time at home together with our dog Fred. This August we will have an exchange student from Denmark coming to spend the year with us.

Why do you like to volunteer?

DH: In addition to the incredible feelings of satisfaction and joy I feel in serving the community, I have another, very personal reason. My mother passed away at age 48.  In her short life, she was a tremendous community servant.  Her dedication was well known, but I think in the years since her death I had forgotten.  When I became an Altrusan and became serious about serving the community I was flooded with memories of my Mom’s hard work for our town and our schools.  Each act of service I perform makes me feel closer to my mother.  As I follow my mother’s lead I know how proud she would have been of me.

Why did you want to partner with Mosaic Family Services? How did you get involved with Mosaic?

DH: My personal involvement and the involvement of the Altrusa Club is because a visit from Mosaic to one of our club meetings last year. We were so moved by the story of Mosaic and the wonderful and important services you provide. We started our work simply by having a bunco game day and asking participants to bring items for the shelter instead of the traditional buy in. From there we thought of other projects. When we attended the housewarming party for the new shelter, we noticed there was a library for the children but not for the adults. With that, and the Altrusa focus on literacy we thought of building a library for the adults. That idea evolved into the resource room.

What do you hope your work with our organization will bring Mosaic clients? 

DH: We hope the clients at Mosaic find the resource room to be a quiet retreat where they can begin to do the work needed to put their lives back together. We hope we have given them the tools to do this work and we will keep the room stocked with necessary supplies and volunteer our time to help them. We also hope the clients find us to be role models as strong, independent women. Lastly, we hope the clients see that their community truly cares about them.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

DH: Altrusa believes it is not enough to be good; Altrusans must be good for something.—Mamie L. Bass 1921, First Altrusa President


Thank you Deborah for all you do for survivors of human rights abuses!