Today as we celebrate World Refugee Day, I can’t help but think of the  ship, Le Goelo.Nearly thirty years ago, Le Goelo rescued me along with 35 fellow Vietnamese boat people in the South China sea. After four failed attempts to escape the country and many months languishing in three horrible prisons for this action, getting  on board the Le Goelo was overwhelming. I had never felt so good before in my life.

Top: Aboard the Le Goelo with fellow refugees
Bottom: In captain’s cabin

The Le Goelo gave me a new life and gave my life a powerful meaning – that of being a refugee. My personal experience has taught me that refugees come to their new homes with determination to overcome the many challenges facing them and are grateful for the opportunity to build new lives.I founded Mosaic ten years after my arrival to continue the same work that the  Le Goleo had begun in my life – that of helping refugees fleeing from places where returning home was not an option. Going to work at Mosaic every day has been such a joy and an honor as I know people’s lives are changed forever due to the assistance given by Mosaic staff.

Mosaic’s refugee staff in 1994

Nearly twenty years have passed since its founding, and Mosaic has continued to be a beacon of hope for not only thousands of newly arrived refugees but also hundreds of immigrant survivors of family violence and human trafficking in North Texas. We could not have done this alone, and we are grateful to you and many other faithful supporters in the community that have helped us to continue this work.Today, I ask you to stand with us and to donate to Mosaic in honor of World Refugee Day. Your gift will help thousands of refugees and immigrants to start new lives of freedom, safety, and hope.