Layla, a young refugee single-mom of 3, was referred for case management by Mosaic’s Legal Program in late 2016. When our staff conducted the first home assessment, Layla was reluctant to answer our questions and showed some signs of aggression. Layla had experienced extreme pressure from others who wanted to take advantage of her.  She was asked to entertain men so she and her children can have a place to live in.  When she refused to do so, Layla and her children were kicked out of the apartment in the middle of the night. Fortunately, with the help of an American woman who felt sorry for her situation, Layla and her children moved from Georgia to Dallas.  The lady arranged to have Layla and her family live with someone for a few months.

Mosaic Family Services worked rapidly on securing a safe place for her family to live in.  Less than two months later, Layla and her children occupied their first safe apartment through Dallas Housing Authority. Also, through our relationships with other agencies, we were able to provide her with brand-new household items and bed linens.  In addition, we helped her receive SNAP benefits and Medicaid for her children.  Mosaic was a huge advocate for her in several other places as well.Besides all that, we aided in making appointments to visit family medical doctor, pediatrician, ophthalmologist and dental care for the children.  We also provided transportation and interpretation during all those appointments and follow ups.   Our Case Manager also encouraged her to find a job in order to provide for her growing children.  Fortunately, Layla secured a respectful job.  So, Mosaic provided an orientation on how to use the public transportation to get to and from her job.Mosaic Family Services also helped her to apply for section 8 voucher program. She got it and moved with her children into her new apartment.

In Layla’s birth country, she loved working with refugee children and photography.  We encouraged her to seek opportunities to practice her passion, and she got the opportunity to volunteer at an event.  She managed the filming and photography at the event.

Today, Layla is totally a different person.  There is always a smile on her face where before Mosaic stepped in she was so sad.  She considered her life miserable. Her hope was restored.  Layla learned how to trust herself and people who wanted to help her after she had lost trust in both. Her personality and outlook have positively changed.  She is giving back to the community. She could never be more thankful and grateful for her life nowadays.

Layla said “My children and I would have failed and lost without having the Mosaic stood beside us and provided all their great support and services. They helped me to be a human being again through showing me the real meaning of humanity and honesty. By far, Mosaic is the most credible agency that treated me like we are one family, not their client.”

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash