Ahmed was born in Syria during the time of the Syrian Civil War.  During the war, people were killed, injured, displaced within their country and sought refuge abroad.  Ahmed suffered injuries to his body and face in the war which eventually lead to his blindness.

Eventually, Ahmed and his family were able to leave Syria and seek safety in the United States. Ahmed was referred to Mosaic Family Services and one of our case managers, who spoke his language, was assigned to him.  Our Case Manager helped Ahmed apply for Supplemental Security Income, apply for a home care giver, get his ticket loan waved, apply for housing, and report a change in his address to the Health and Human Services in order to get Food Stamp benefits.  All of these efforts were approved and a success.

In recent times, our Case Manager has connected Ahmed to health resources to get medical care assistance which was extremely helpful to him and his family.  Mosaic also referred Ahmed to organizations that empowered visually impaired persons so that they can be truly mobile and independent.  This connection freed Ahmed from some of the limitations of his blindness.

Due to the services Mosaic provides, with the help of our gracious donors, Ahmed is now culturally orientated to the U.S.  He has access to all the resources he may need in order to become self sufficient.  Not to mention, he now has the confidence and determination needed to face the challenges of being a visually impaired refugee in the United States with a family.

Photo by aladdin hammami on Unsplash