Mosaic would like to extend a special thank you to Altrusa International of Dallas, Texas, Inc. for their continuous support, hard work and dedication to improving the lives of survivors of human rights abuses. Altrusa International, a 98-year-old organization, was the first professional women’s service organization. Like Mosaic, Altrusa’s goal is to make a difference for those in need with the understanding that monetary donation isn’t the only way to make a difference.

Altrusa International of Dallas has completed numerous projects for Mosaic including: assisting in our shelter transition, providing our first meal on move-in day at our new shelter facility, packaging “Goodnight, Sleep Tight” bags for child residents, hosting a baby shower for one of our expecting moms, and is currently creating a Resource Room for the adults residing at Mosaic House. Deborah Hecht, President of Altrusa International of Dallas, Texas, Inc. has high hopes for the Resource Room:

We hope the clients at Mosaic find this to be a quiet retreat where they can begin to do the work needed to put their lives back together. We hope we have given them the tools to do this work and we will keep the room stocked with necessary supplies and volunteer our time to help them. We also hope the clients find us to be role models as strong, independent women. Lastly, we hope the clients see that their community truly cares about them.

 Thank you Altrusa International of Dallas, Texas, Inc. for all you do for survivors of human rights abuses! To learn more about Altrusa, visit their website at or find them on Facebook at