Every year, we work with hundreds of women who have left abusive relationships or fled exploitation against incredible odds so that they can give their children safe, loving homes. Often, these women are from places where domestic violence and other forms of abuse are condoned, and standing against it can sometimes mean losing home, belongings, friends and family. Sometimes arriving at our doors with nothing in hand but their children, these strong, brave women come to build new lives.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, we are excited to announce that Mosaic House will be moving to a new campus in July!  A few months ago, a group approached us with a generous offer of use of a large building that will expand our capacity and provide a more welcoming space for the moms and children who arrive at Mosaic fleeing human trafficking and domestic violence. The new campus will include offices, a large outdoor play area, a tranquility garden, play and art therapy rooms, two kitchens and a beautiful, light-filled living space for up to 45 people.

Yesterday, we hosted a group of 10 core volunteers as our first visitors to the building, where they spent the day hard at work cleaning and preparing rooms to be painted. There is a lot of work left to do before we will be ready to move in, but these volunteers got us off to a great start:

IMG_20140511_070656 IMG_20140511_070626 IMG_20140511_070806 IMG_20140511_070832

We will continue to make the new building into a home over the coming weeks with the help of many generous volunteer groups. This week marks our Welcome Week, when dozens of volunteers from United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Sabre and more will join us for major projects.

If you have a group that is interested in helping or would like to help purchase supplies for the new shelter, please contact Laura DeMoss at laurad@mosaicservices.org.