All over the world, people are subjected to violence and persecution because of their race, religion, ethnicity, tribe, nationality, political opinion and/or social group. Many of these people are forcibly displaced from their homes, becoming refugees.

There are also many refugees who have been forcibly displaced because of their sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status. Nearly 70 countries throughout the world have laws that criminalize homosexuality, and in 11 of those countries, homosexuality is punishable by the death penalty.

For many LGBTQ+ refugees, resettling in the United States has saved their life.

As we celebrate Pride Month, we must recognize the diverse individuals that make up LGBTQ+ communities, including refugees and immigrants. Thousands of LGBTQ+ refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in the United States were forced to flee their homes because of their identities, have experienced unspeakable acts of violence, bodily harm and trauma, and have been isolated by their friends, family and faith communities.

Mosaic is proud to serve LGBTQ+ survivors and refugees like Moni, a transgender woman who fled violence in Syria and found community and peace in Dallas.

Click here to read more about Moni’s story.

At Mosaic, we believe freedom and dignity are human rights. We believe everyone, inclusive of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to live freely and safely. During Pride month, we must continue to fight to protect the human rights of LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees living in our communities. We also must remember and honor LGBTQ+ people around the world who have lost their lives or, to this day, continue to live in fear and violence because of who they are.

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