NMC_10refugee1greyThe front page of the Dallas Morning News features an article (“For Dallas, the latest in a history of migrant waves”) profiling our founder and Executive Director, Dr. Walter Nguyen:

Walter Nguyen has soothed the nerves of thousands of refugees like himself for two decades in Dallas.

That’s when Nguyen, a Vietnam native, started a counseling center in East Dallas, where refugees had clustered after the fall of Saigon.

He has previously worked with unaccompanied refugee children. But the stream of Central American youth pouring across the Texas border is unlike any he’s ever seen. Their needs are huge, he said.

“These youngsters really have no control over anything now,” said Nguyen, 63, whose disciplined focus has helped the nonprofit Mosaic Family Services grow into an agency with a nearly $3 million budget that serves people speaking 25 languages.

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