When she first came to Mosaic, Fatma was three months pregnant and experiencing some health issues. Fatma is a refugee from Afghanistan and recently arrived in the United States with her family. Although this was her sixth pregnancy, Fatma never had a women’s exam or visited OBGYN, and she didn’t understand the importance of prenatal health.

Luckily, she came to the right place for help! Fatma was matched with a case manager who speaks Farsi, her native language. Fatma’s case manager is a former refugee and understands her cultural background and refugee experience.

After her case manager educated Fatma and her husband about the importance of prenatal care for the health of Fatma and their baby, they both agreed to participate in Mosaic’s Social Adjustment Services program and to see a doctor. Fatma’s case manager helped her attain Medicaid and WIC, and provided interpretation at all her doctor’s appointments. After six months of care, Fatma delivered a healthy baby boy.

Fatma is so thankful for the support she received for herself and baby boy. Because of the services she received, Fatma’s confidence grew as she became more and more self-sufficient, and she began to see her self worth. Most importantly, Fatma got the critical care she needed during her pregnancy for herself and her baby boy.