Dear Friends,

At Mosaic, we envision a world that values human rights for ALL.  We stand firm with everyone regardless of their skin color, religion, or creed.  Unfortunately, the world we envision is not the world we are living in. This is why we must speak up when we witness injustice. The human rights of the African American community are being violated and their lives are being taken away because of hatred and systematic racism.

As a former refugee, I escaped tyranny and oppression from a regime that trampled on the human rights of those who held different views from them.  I found freedom in America where equality and respect for human rights are upheld as core values of a free society. That is why it pains and angers me to see the persecution of the African American community, especially after the recent events.

Mosaic serves the multicultural populations from all walks of life and we cannot afford to be silent.  Today we stand with you, compassionately . We believe in your rights. We are listening to you. We support you.

Your friend,  
Walter H. Nguyen, Ph.D.
Executive Director