There are 8 areas of the self-care wheel:

The body
The mind
Emotional well-being
Spirituality / Faith
Home / Safe space
Financial Well-being
A Strong Personal / Social Foundation
Being Happy in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is part of self-care and has five key characteristics:

Being self-aware of what you are feeling
Being able to regulate or keep your emotions under control
Having empathy for other living beings
Being motivated to achieve your goals in life and
Having social skills to interact well with others.

Questions to ask yourself/consider:

  • Gratitude/Reflection

What’s one thing you did today you’re proud of?
What’s one thing you’re grateful for?
What’s one thing you’re excited about for tomorrow?

  • Crafting A Routine

How do you transition from work from home to at-home night mode?
What are you doing for dinner?
What’s your morning routine?
What’s your go-to Work From Home breakfast? Non-workday breakfast?
What time do you usually work out?
What is the most chaotic thing you do as part of your routine?

  • Pets & Animals

Have your pets done anything funny lately

  • Staying Entertained

Have you started any new hobbies?
Have you started any new hobbies that you’re really bad at?
What new show are you watching?
Is there an old TV show you’re re-watching? How is it better this time?
Have you watched any of Netflix’s weird hidden movies?
What have you been reading?
Have you started any books that have just been unreadable?
What podcasts are you listening to?
What phone apps or games have you been playing?
What is the worst show you’ve been watching that’s secretly very good?