Like so many immigrants, Chioma was excited, nervous, and hopeful about moving to the United States. Originally from Nigeria, Chioma obtained a temporary visa and moved to the U.S. to join her fiancé in North Texas. Once settled, the two married, and things took an immediate turn for the worse. Chioma’s new husband became psychologically abusive and kept Chioma from living a normal life.

Chioma had moved to the U.S. with a temporary visa, but once here, her husband refused to let her complete the immigration process. He wanted to make sure Chioma was stuck here illegally, and he used her status to threaten and control her.

Even though she was alone in a new country, Chioma knew her husband’s behavior was abusive and that she needed to escape. Chioma called Mosaic’s crisis hotline, and shelter advocates quickly approved her to move into Mosaic House. While living at Mosaic House, Chioma sought counseling from the onsite counselor and began to process and heal from the trauma she’d endured.

Chioma’s case manager connected her with a free legal provider to move forward with her divorce and immigration application process. During her divorce trial, Chioma gained spousal support from her husband. This outcome is rare in Texas, but the judge saw how her abuser prevented Chioma from obtaining necessary immigration documents and how this, in turn, prevented Chioma from working and providing for herself. The divorce was granted, and Chioma was a free woman.

After six months, Chioma moved out of Mosaic House, ready to stand on her own two feet. A year later, Chioma received her residency documents, and she was able to pursue her dreams of starting her own business.

She is grateful for the support she received at Mosaic and excited to move forward with her new business and the loving community she has found.