Since the news broke about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been closely monitoring the situation and the impact it’s having on our clients, employees, volunteers and supporters. In order to protect everyone, Mosaic Family Services has made some adjustments in our operations and services.  The changes include:

  • The majority of our employees have moved to working remotely.
  • We plan to continue providing our services although scaled down to comply with strict Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Dallas County Health & Human Services (DCHHS) guidelines.
  • While our programs can’t operate in the traditional model, all our Case Managers, Attorneys, Client advocates and Counselors are available to clients via phone, email and telehealth. Our 24 hour emergency helpline 214-823-4434 with access to multiple languages is open to anyone experiencing a crisis.
  • In order to follow CDC guidelines on limiting exposure, we have suspended all volunteer activities for the remainder of the month.
  • To comply with Dallas County’s ban on group gatherings, we have to announce that our Stand with Survivors Celebration that was set to take place on April 16 is cancelled.

We are working diligently to continue supporting our clients to the best of our ability while preparing for increased demands of our services due to the current pandemic. Isolation and stress can play a key role in triggering violence in the home. Common abusive situations could include abusers withholding necessary items such as hand sanitizers, food, and other basic necessities from the victim. Abusers may also prevent the victim from seeking medical attention for themselves or their children. Undoubtedly the pandemic will cause a spike in domestic violence and our services will be crucial and strained.



How can you help us during this crisis?

Our clients are relying on us now more than ever before. Mosaic Family Services is providing rent assistance, utilities, groceries, and medical assistance for clients that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Your donation today will allow us to support the increasing number of women, men and children who depend on Mosaic Family Services to meet their basic needs and to stay safe.

What does the cancellation of our major event mean?

Our Stand with Survivor Celebration is vital for the sustainability of this agency. The cancellation of this event is a huge blow to us. Every year, we look forward to reconnecting with our community through these events as well as raising critical funds to help sustain our programs.  While we are exploring alternative avenues to raise needed funds amid unprecedented uncertainty due to COVID-19, we are calling on our supporters and donors to contribute any amount you can.

Now more than ever, community is essential. Today, your contribution will help us save lives.