I love supporing Mosaic Family Services each month, so I’m happy to share what initiated my interest in this wonderful community resource.

Essentially, back in 2014, I took a course in college on the historical, legal, and medical perspecives of human trafficking. This class opened my eyes in ways I never antcipated. Back then I was also interested in becoming a lawyer, so I applied for a public interest law fellowship at my university. This fellowship required a partner organization, and being from the DFW area, I researched organizations and came across Mosaic.

I ended up getting a different fellowship with the American Bar Foundation for that summer and went off to Chicago, but I continued to follow Mosaic. When I returned to Texas in 2018 and moved to Dallas, I realized that I lived close to Mosaic’s Greenville Ave office. Through my new employer, I can donate to nonprofits directly from my paycheck, so I realized I could easily donate monthly and make a regular impact on survivors.

Overall, I appreciate Mosaic for supporting people who are often unseen or overlooked in our society. There is a misperception that human rights abuses like human trafficking aren’t happening on American soil, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So I’m proud to support Mosaic not only for its connection to human trafficking but also for supporting victims of domestic violence and refugees.

– Kaitlyn W., Dallas, Texas