Have you ever met a victim of human trafficking?

Anywhere from twelve million to twenty-seven million people today are victims of human trafficking, and they frequently turn to communities to help them find freedom, stability, and joy once again.  As a leader, you can offer a victim of human trafficking help and hope.  Will you take a moment to learn more?

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It includes all aspects of compelling a person to perform labor or other services including domestic, agricultural, factory and restaurant work, and/or commercial sex acts.
It’s happening here. Due to its economic stability, cultural diversity, major interstates and airports, large number of sexually oriented businesses, and international border, Texas has become a major hub for human trafficking.
Will you help trafficked people get the help they need? Read on to learn more about human trafficking and how you can identify survivors of trafficking among the clients you serve.

What does human trafficking look like in the United States? Watch this short video to find out.

Look Beneath The Surface - English

“My ex-boyfriend and his family physically abused me, tortured me, and made me do housework. They would not give me one dollar even though I did hard housework. They took my social security number to buy clothes for my ex-boyfriend’s mother and siblings, but they did not pay the debt. Every day while living with him I thought about dying. 

I was very fortunate that the police brought me to Mosaic. They helped me find ways to live again. Today, I have a happy life.” 

-Human Trafficking survivor from Vietnam