A poem by Hasina Khader, victim services case manager at Mosaic Family Services.

In the depths of despair, I find my strength,

A survivor’s spirit, refusing to relent.

Through the darkest nights, I see the light,

Embracing healing, reclaiming my right.

From the ashes, I rise, like a phoenix in flight,

Rebuilding my spirit, reclaiming my might.

With every step forward, I let go of the past,

Freeing my soul, recapturing myself at last.

I am a warrior, scars worn with pride,

Each battle fought, a testament inside.

No longer defined by the pain that I wear,

I am a survivor, with courage to share.

Wrapped in self-love, I heal the wounds deep,

Nurturing my soul, with tenderness to keep.

Through therapy and support, I find release,

Unshackling the chains, embracing inner peace.

In the name of healing, I speak my truth,

Breaking the silence, spreading wings to soothe.

Together we stand, as survivors united,

Supporting one another, our hearts ignited.