Your financial support will help Mosaic continue to be a safe haven for survivors of human rights abuses, including refugees and those fleeing human trafficking and domestic violence.

Our multicultural staff supports, educates, and empowers more than 30,000 people each year through direct services and outreach. Because of your generosity, our clients receive shelter, legal representation, counseling, access to health care, and support services in 29 languages.


$25One Time Gift
  • Upon arrival, residents at Mosaic House immediately feel more at home because of our kitchens. Instead of being fed cafeteria-style, with no control over their meals, they are able cook food from their own culture in one of our shared kitchens. They feel empowered because they are able to make choices about how to feed their children.


$50One Time Gift
  • Our counselors provide play therapy services for abused children. Many children come to us not knowing how to react to the trauma they have witnessed or experienced. They may shut down emotionally, act out, or even mirror aggressive symptoms they’ve seen. Our counselors provide a safe, healing space for them to express themselves.


$100One Time Gift
  • Many of our clients come from countries with no law against domestic violence or human trafficking. They may have no knowledge of their rights. We focus on educating as many potential clients to help avoid continued manipulation and exploitation, and seek to represent those most in need.


$250One Time Gift
  • We believe summer learning is critical for a child’s development. Our Children’s advocate develops summer camp for the residents of Mosaic House, including educational field trips, games and crafts, and meals.


$500One Time Gift
  • When a new family walks through our door, they’re assigned a Client Advocate who speaks their language to ensure they feel comfortable. We then offer personalized support services to lead this family toward independence and self-sufficiency. We provide access to essential resources including job training, transportation, ESL classes, medicare, housing, childcare… virtually anything our clients need to make them feel empowered.


$1,000One Time Gift
  • Every year, Mosaic House provides safe emergency housing and opportunities for self-sufficiency for hundreds of women and children fleeing domestic violence and human trafficking. Mosaic House provides safe housing, food, clothing, hygiene and medical supplies, household items, diapers, and other basic needs. Our staff provides services for residents and hotline callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Child Advocate coordinates services for the children at the shelter, who have often been witnesses or victims of abuse. Mosaic House provides culturally competent services not available at other shelters to help multicultural victims meet basic needs and overcome barriers to an independent life. Mosaic House includes a large outdoor play area, a garden, play and art therapy rooms, two kitchens, and a beautiful, light-filled living space for up to 46 people.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please contact Michelle Murdock, Development Manager, at