Jiaya never imagined that accepting a job offer would change her life. Shortly after her arrival in Texas, Jiaya was simply glad to have found a job and spent spent several days washing linens.

However, when her employer learned she did not have any immigration documents, Jiaya was taken to a nearby apartment and stripped of her clothes, given lingerie and told that she would now be working as a prostitute.

When Jiaya refused, she was beaten severely and deprived of food for several days. She was never allowed out of the small apartment – customers were brought to her. One month after her arrival, a police raid occurred, and Jiaya was identified as a victim of human trafficking.

Jiaya was immediately brought to Mosaic House, where she received food and clothing as well as shelter. Meeting with a case manager that spoke her language as well as Mosaic’s attorneys and counselors helped Jiaya gain the confidence she needed to begin building her life anew. Jiaya has now moved out of Mosaic House and has found a job of her own choice.

*Name changed for safety

Jiaya’s story of resilience would not be possible without supporters like you. Get involved in the fight against human trafficking to help others escape exploitation. Today, January 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Make a commitment today to get involved in the fight against human trafficking.

Volunteer your time at Mosaic by teaching a class or helping with street outreach, or donate basic necessities for our shelter such as cleaning supplies or hygiene items.

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