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Unaccompanied Minors

Through the Safe Release Support Program, Mosaic helps in the unification process by serving an unaccompanied minor’s sponsor. The Safe Release Support Program is a network of agencies around the nation who coordinate with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) to serve unaccompanied migrant children (“minors”).

This program helps reunite immigrant children with their families in the United States. These children often face violence and trauma in their home country or on their journey to America. The Safe Release Program ensures they are protected, cared for, and given access to the services they need.

Mosaic’s Safe Release Support Site provides services to the minor’s sponsor by:

  • Conducting fingerprint background checks (the purpose of the background check is to ensure minors are reunited into a safe and secure home that does not pose risk to their well-being)
  • Assistance with the Family Reunification Packet (FRP)

Eligibility Requirements: The sponsor must have contact with the minor’s case manager. The case manager must request a fingerprint background check for the potential sponsor. All case managers are assigned through LIRS partners.

*Note: If a home study is in process, there is a probability the case manager requests a fingerprint background check from other household members as well.

LIRS, a nonprofit organization located in Baltimore, MD, welcomes and supports refugees and immigrants. For more information on Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, please visit or email [email protected].

For more information on Mosaic’s support to unaccompanied minors, you may email Angie C. Carreón at [email protected].